The WePresent Wireless Presentation System

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The WePresent wireless presentation system offers wireless solutions for more efficient, intuitive, and stress-free collaboration across all your corporate meeting and training halls by adding the WePresent wireless presentation system to interactive screens to commence your meetings. With this tool, your meetings are faster and eliminate the complexity of wired cable connections.

Introducing digital content in meeting rooms and collaboration venues is now faster and easier than ever with this tool. WePresent has several advanced features, such as a built-in interactive whiteboard that requires a touch screen, four-screen display, and document sharing to turn your presentation hall to a collaboration hub with other colleagues.

Just Press Play

The WePresent app for Windows and OSX allows the connection and sharing of multiple users on-screen with just a few clicks. Therefore, with this, team members can alternate or display multiple screens at the same time to compare the information. So, what about the guests? You can also cover your guests likewise. WePresent can act as a wireless access point, allowing you to install the software via the included USB drive. Security is not a problem either, because it has enterprise-level networks and access control with customizable PINs.

Use Any Digital Display

Updating existing meeting rooms is as easy when you engage The WePresent. Whether you are using a projector, screen, interactive whiteboard, or other digital display, you can connect your device and start wireless sharing.

Discover The Value Of Sharing

WePresent can accommodate adequately 64 users to share content from any device on presentation, interaction, and collaboration because it offers professional wireless presentation systems. It also offers flexible features that can add value in collaborating. Virtually every enterprise around the world has leveraged the power of interactive and collaborative in-room meetings with these wireless presentation systems.

Sharing Your Device Right Now

With its original screenshots for iOS or Android means, that sharing from your phone and tablet is seamless. The ClickShare app lets you share content in a simple and intuitive way by clicking on a virtual button from any iOS or Android device. With this application, users have the ability to easily share, annotate, and save PDF, JPEG, or Microsoft Office documents on the center screen of the conference room in much the same way as the traditional ClickShare button. So you can download the free ClickShare app on the Apple Store or Google Play, click on the virtual button and you’ll be ready to share your content.

WePresent Products

1. WiPG-1000

It offers split-screen from any device, which includes AirPlay. Its design is to meet your needs visually and technically.

2. WiPG-1600W

The WiPG-1600W offers most features for interactive experiences and greater network flexibility with wireless and wired LAN capabilities. It offers USB connectivity, full 1080p resolution, and low latency video playback. Includes on-screen notes for multiple interactive and Power-over-Ethernet presentations for easy and flexible installation.

3. WiCS-2100

Having a smooth processor system, the WiCS-2100 is a unique tool for enhanced BYOD compatibility, intuition for screen sharing, and moderator controls. The WiCS-2100 can share audio and video content from your Chromebook or Android device, integrated audio or video content from your iOS device. It represents a user screen view showing thumbnails of all connected devices. It offers a dynamic content presentation by several presenters, eco standby, and Power-over-Ethernet for easy and flexible installations.

4. WePresent EssentialCare

– Online self-service portal all-day
– Professional help desk
– Express delivery of spare parts

5. MirrorOp

If you are in want of a software program that reflects the screen of your PC, Mac, or mobile device on the large screen of a classroom, floor, or other collaborative environments, the MirrorOp is that unique device. Just install the required version on your device and start sharing!

– Windows version
– Mac version
– Android version

If you desire flexibility and successful collaboration, then WePresent wireless presentation system accessory design meets your desire by taking your presentations to the next level, integrating HDMI devices, faster connectivity, and centralized management of all devices on your network.

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