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When you think of AV technology, furniture might not be something that comes to mind. At CCS New England, we know differently. AV furniture solutions are sweeping the nation across all industries – education, corporate and business – as an innovative means of improving collaboration and communication.

Read more about the diverse applications and advantages of AV furniture below, then call us to discuss integrating technology in your Boston, MA-based school or business.

AV Solutions for Education

Tablets are quickly becoming standardized across many school districts, which means that classrooms need a way to charge them and lock them up when not in use. AV furniture provides the solutions schools need to keep their new technologies secure and ready for use in classes. Aver and Da-Lite build charging carts to store and charge all of the tablets for a classroom.

AV furniture, such as podiums and lecterns, are smart ways to hide and house AV equipment. AV furniture provides the solutions you need to store computers, projectors, document cameras, and control systems. They are also perfect for theaters, auditoriums, corporate boardrooms, and lecture halls. To further enhance the functionality of AV furniture solutions, microphones and speaker systems can be added to many different manufacturers’ podiums and lecterns such as Euro Designs, Spectrum and VFI.

AV Solutions for Business

In a boardroom setting, AV furniture, such as conference tables and collaboration tables, are becoming mainstream. CCS works with AV furniture manufacturers to create collaboration tables specifically for the corporate environment. Tables can have up to 8 “stations,” each with its own connectivity (power and internet) and a large flat panel display to show a computer or a video conference. Collaborate with colleagues on presentations, budgets – our AV furniture can be used in any way to make your office environment more efficient.

To discuss how CCS New England’s AV furniture solutions can help improve your corporate or educational environment, call us today!