AV Furniture


When you think of AV technology, furniture may not come to mind.

 However, there are many furniture solutions that are sweeping the nation across all industries as an innovative means to improve functionality, communication, and collaboration. Some of these furniture pieces include collaborative conference tables, lecterns, podiums and charging carts.

AV Solution for business

In corporate and entertainment settings, microphones and speaker systems can be added to podiums and lecterns. In boardroom settings, AV furniture, such as conference tables and collaboration tables, are becoming mainstream. CCS works with AV furniture manufacturers to create collaboration tables specifically for the corporate environment. Tables can have up to 8 “stations,” each with its own connectivity (power and internet) and a large flat panel display to show a computer or a video conference.

Collaborative Conference Tables

We’ve all been there before – you arrive to a meeting and realize the conference table doesn’t have the connections or built-in technology needed for your presentation. Inconsistencies like this can affect the overall meeting by causing distractions and interruptions. With the proper AV furniture in place, scenarios like this can be mitigated.

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