Discover the Ultimate Conferencing Experience with Huddly IQ

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7 reasons why Huddly IQ is an award-winning conferencing video camera:

HUddly IQ Conference Room Camera


Loud Crisp, and clear

For ultimate audio experience Huddly IQ boosts an enhanced microphone array and delivers optimal vocal clarity which is as crisp as it is loud, allowing everyone’s voice to be heard. 

Ultra-Wide-Angle and Superior viewing

Features HD 720P 30fps output with six-elements of high precision aspherical optics glass lens and a perfect all round 150° viewing angle to capture all participants in the room and transforming even the smallest room into HD conference centers. IQ automatically frames participants, focusing on only what matters.  

Dynamic Light Optimization

The camera automatically adjusts the lighting conditions of any room to ensure that the participants look sharp and vivid, no matter how dim the conferencing environment is. 

Smart Viewing  

Engineered with a neural engine that takes away the need to control the camera by automatically syncing with the environment, intelligently improving users experience.  Huddly IQ sees, understands and responds to the conferencing environment in real time. 

Advanced Data Analytics 

With high-quality analytics, data is accessible via the Huddly InSights API. Huddly IQ gives organizations critical insights into how their conference spaces are being used which is helpful in making better decisions on space usage.  

Software that only Improves

Since IQ is an edge-based deep learning platform there will be better and smarter updates, new features, releases and developments. 

Multi- Platform Support

Huddly IQ is USB-powered and compatible with any platform. Just plug it in and you are good to go. Perfect for small rooms, medium sized meeting rooms and open spaces.

Flexible, portable, adaptable, compact and intelligent: No matter where you hold your meetings or the number of participants, Huddly IQ will adapt to your surroundings and allow everyone to interact in a natural, crisp voice and with clear video. 


To learn more about the Huddly IQ video conferencing system and other great conferencing tools, reach out to one of our Audio-Visual experts at 978-256-2001.

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