Perfect Collaboration Solutions For Excellent Video Presentation

Modern business owners and educators know that smart technologies make it easier than ever for professionals to collaborate, present and produce the results they need to deliver. If you are not utilizing collaborative products in your classroom, office space or conference rooms, you are missing out on major opportunities to enhance day-to-day communication. Let CCS help you find the best product or solution to meet your needs.

SMART® Interactive Displays

SMART® Displays have revolutionized the way students are learning in the classroom. Long gone are the days when students need to take notes from chalkboards or whiteboard presentations — now they can interact with your presentation! SMART Interactive Displays bring devices, education software and lesson content together. They are touch and pen-enabled, meaning that you interact with them as you would a tablet. Multiple people can use them at once, on screens as large as 84″ and beyond. You can also connect a computer or bring other devices together to share content as well as work with your online curriculum. Pair your display with SMART Notebook Software or equip your board with iQ technology to reach another level of collaboration!

SMART® kapp iQ & iQ Pro

SMART® kapp iQ and iQ Pro give one-touch access to a whiteboard, a web browser and wireless screen sharing, all without the need for an external PC. The SMART kapp iQ provides whiteboarding capabilities and allows you to connect up to 250 users to the board at one time. Connected users have the ability to see what is being shared and can annotate in real time. The SMART kapp iQ can also connect to other kapp iQs, allowing multiple office buildings to collaborate at one time. With the iQ Pro, users can enjoy the functionality of the kapp iQ, but add the ability to write over files like PDFs, integrate with Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 with the addition of SMART Meeting Pro Software.

Epson BrightLink & BrightLink Pro Projectors

When you need to project presentations, graphs, and charts onto a big screen, look no further than an Epson interactive projector installed by CCS New England. CCS can work with you to ensure that the projector is functioning properly and delivering the results you require from your smart technologies.

NEC ThinkHub

ThinkHub is a multiuser software application designed to help teams to ideate, visualize and problem solve. By consolidating all information on a large-format touchscreen, ThinkHub transforms traditional meetings into more proactive, effective sessions that drive conversations, positively impact performance levels and that physically alter the workspace. You and your team can share content to ThinkHub via USB drive or by sharing your device screen. So instead of hovering around an individual screen or switching the view of a shared screen, ThinkHub allows you to see everything, all at once.

Microsoft Surface Hub

Whether 84″ or 55″, Microsoft Surface Hub offers a responsive and natural inking experience, advanced touch capabilities, Windows 10 and Microsoft Office, including Skype for Business and PowerPoint. Built for teamwork, Microsoft Surface Hub works beautifully in the modern workplace. The fully integrated design, choice of two sizes and flexible mounting configurations means that there’s a solution for your business needs.


Transform Your Collaboration Today

When you need to collaborate more effectively, our smart technologies are the only solution you need. You can count on our experts to handle your audio visual needs with professional installation and excellent ongoing customer service.

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