classroom safety

Enhanced School Safety With Audio Enhancement

School safety has become an extremely hot topic over the past few years. With so many outside influences targeting today’s youth, we need to find new ways to make sure they feel safe in their learning environment. Keeping schools safe allows children to look forward to being in an encouraging environment that promotes social and…

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Choosing The Ideal AV Integrator For Your Business

With today’s evolving technology, businesses must migrate towards advances that facilitate good communication. Confirming to such changes is useful in improving interaction in real time and strengthens working conditions and workflow. Applying audio visual integration system is one way of incorporating technological advances to improve intra and intercompany communication. Simply put, audiovisual integration combines hardware,…

av installation

Choosing The Ideal AV Installation Company For Your Business

The DIY trends has breached all sectors, audio visual industry and others alike with sites that offer tutorials and lessons from professionals or experienced users; anyone can do anything themselves. Sometimes, doing things without any trained assistance might be the right course of action. Other times, trained professionals are the right choice for better results.…

Getting Started With Wireless Presentations

How To Get Started With Wireless Presentations

We call this the digital age, and one of the most awesome things about the digital age is the level of inclusion that it has brought with it. Our devices work together to make work and life easier, and this has also catalyzed a heightened level of collaboration on projects within the business world. How,…

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The Value of AV Integration in the Beginning Stages of Design

When building your business, there’s a lot of different things you will have to take into account. After the funding, location, and direction have been figured out, that’s when the physical building of your business starts. One of the biggest pieces that companies usually overlook is the first impression they give to potential clients. In…

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What Were The Greatest Distance Learning Tools of 2018?

Distance learning tools have become a reality for students as young as elementary age. At the college and high school level, distance learning has become commonplace as a way for students to have more flexible schedules and effectively combine their home and work obligations with their education commitments. Between 1998 and 2008, the number of…

Wireless Presentation

Barco Clickshare Wireless Presentation for Your Business

The Barco Clickshare wireless presentation system is a type of gadget that makes it possible for business professionals to wirelessly and seamlessly present content from a smartphone, tablet, or PC onto a bigger screen. This is done through the use of Barco’s screen mirroring technology. Barco’s Clickshare Wireless Presentation System is ideal for use in…

Unified Communications

10 Reasons Your Business Needs A Unified Communications Solution

Effective communications strategies are essential to running a business. Unfortunately, many business owners have not unified their systems, therefore they struggle with all the different forms of communication that they need to work with. If a business uses one system in its boardroom and another in a different area, it’s going to run into problems.…


Why You Should Use A More Expensive Commercial Display Instead of A “Smart TV”

For business owners looking to improve their visual presence, a logical solution is to invest in flatscreen video boards for the display of corporate information or other content. In many situations, especially for bar and restaurant owners, having high-definition screen capabilities is a necessity for attracting and retaining customers. But as a small business owner…

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Can’t I Use A Cheap Desktop Web Cam For My Conference Room?

In order to perform a quality conference call, you need to invest in a bit more than the camera built into a laptop, or even a cheap Web cam you have tucked away. There are other video conference tech options available out there, and you don’t need to pay an arm and leg for the…