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SMART Exemplary Educators: Technology Training that Translates Into Success

Technology has completely changed the way that individuals live, process, communicate, and even learn. Every day, teachers are increasing their dependence on technology in order to reach students at their level, and encourage opportunities for learning and growing. In the past, this work was done alone as each educator tried to figure out solutions on…

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Capabilities of the New SMART Board Interactive Displays

Visual communication has taken a giant leap forward with SMART Board Interactive Displays. There are three different series of models to accommodate needs across industries. The capabilities encourage collaboration, facilitate multimedia approaches, and provide easy access to slides, video on demand, and remote usage. The SMART 4075 The 4000 series was specifically designed for use…

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SMART Modernizes the Dry-Erase Board

SMART kapp is the revolutionary, technology driven new interactive dry-erase board or flip board by SMART Technologies. The SMART kapp has a sleek stain-free glass surface where you can write, draw and display ideas using any dry-erase marker. But now, switch on the board and viewers may connect their mobile device either via the free…