Best AV Conferencing Equipment by Room Size

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The size of the room will determine what AV conferencing equipment you need for your business. With a bigger room and more participants, you need to scale your equipment to ensure clear and productive communication. Below we have listed the things you need to consider depending on the size of the conference room.

Small Room (5-6 Participants)

conferencing equipment

For one-on-one meetings in a small room, all you need is a display or screen, speaker, microphone, and a document camera. Many speakers and document cameras designed for conferencing already have built-in microphones making the purchase of a separate microphone unnecessary. Since there’s only one individual involved, a decent frame and audio quality will do the trick.

As for around 5-6 individuals in a small room, you will need a broader camera view and microphone that can pick up voices clearly from a few feet away.

Equipment Recommended

Try to go for a wide angle camera like the Huddly IQ with its 150° degree angle and embedded microphone. It has a Genius framing technology that can detect each individual within its field of view and will give a crystal clear picture.

Medium to Large Room (7-15 Participants)

In a meeting with 7 to 15 people, individuals will be spread out, and it would be difficult for the microphone to pick up the voices. With more voices, there is a possibility for low quality microphones to pick up side conversations and gargles, which can disrupt productivity.

Equipment Recommended

Go for AV conferencing equipment with an omnidirectional microphone and ambient noise cancellation with the Shure MXA 310 Table Array Microphone, or manage your whole conference call through a single device with the Crestron Mercury.

Both offer an audio quality so precisely engineered that your meetings will feel like everyone is in the same room.

Large Rooms (15+ Participants)

If a meeting has 15 or more participants, chances are you can’t afford inconveniences or delays due to technical glitches. Tabletop devices just won’t make the cut, and you will need multiple speakers and ceiling microphones.

Equipment Recommended

Get AV conferencing equipment that can minimize the ambient noise from the background and seamlessly connect to any conferencing system. The ClearOne BMA CT is a beamtracking microphone array that looks like a ceiling tile and fits into a drop ceiling, making it discreet so that no one will likely notice that it’s even there.


There are so many AV conferencing equipment manufacturers available in the market, and it can be quite a task to find a brand that you can trust.

One major factor you need to consider is support. Make sure the manufacturer is reliable enough to send a same-day replacement in case your speakers stop working on the day your meeting is scheduled to be held.

Keep an eye out for factors like meticulous engineering and state-of-the-art technology besides reliable technical support. Take the time to explore customer reviews and check out what they say about product  as well as the replacement policies and service standards or simply talk to an expert.

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