Room Control Systems

Streamline Meetings With Room Control Systems

Ever wish you could walk into a room, flip one switch and everything in the room from lighting to A/V would turn on? With CCS’ Room Control Systems, that is a possibility. Control every aspect of the room – lighting, energy, A/V – from one wall plate/panel or touch screen panel. Our room control systems simplify meeting, conference, and presentation set-ups so you can focus on preparing your materials, not your equipment.

Custom & Easy-to-Use Control Systems

CCS New England will work with you to create tailor-made control systems. We design the system based on your current A/V products or the A/V products we suggest and program everything. Worried our control systems will be too advanced? It’s the opposite, actually – our control systems streamline operations and are intuitive to use. If you can work a smartphone or tablet, you will be able to work the wireless or wired panels.