Dynamic Detection
Display™ Line

Temperature Scan & Facial Recognition Solutions

Providing real-time protection and peace of mind for your organization and its customers. Temperature and facial scanners with ≤ .5°C accuracy


Wall Mount (Base Unit)


Table Stand


Podium Model

Optimize your Organizational Safety Solutions

The Dynamic Detection Display™ line utilizes advanced thermal detection technology to quickly scan internal body temperatures. Combined with intuitive EZ-Pass software, Dynamic Detection Displays can quickly identify potential safety threats and help mitigate large-scale exposure. Features include:

TAURI Temperature-Check Tablets

1 second no-contact temperature scan from 3ft with +/- 0.3°C accuracy (+/- 0.5°F)

Add an extra layer of protection to your facility and help protect your most valuable assets – your human assets.

Why a temperature sensor?

Key specifications:

Why choose Aurora’s TAURI temperature-check tablets?

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