Microphone & Voice Systems

Sound is an essential quality for any space. Without the right audio levels, your message will not get delivered in the way you want. At CCS we deliver quality voice and audio systems, wired and wireless, to ensure that everyone in every corner of a space can hear you clearly. With the help of our audio systems, your presentation will always be a success.
For classrooms, CCS provides the latest assistive listening devices to enable teacher’s voices to be amplified to the back of the classroom for a better classroom experience.
For higher education and corporate facilities, lecture capture is a useful tool for both colleagues and students who are viewing a class remotely or for students who want to refer back to a class afterwards. Lecture capture systems bring the lecture to life with just a touch of a button with stop and start on a touch-enabled screen.
Microphones can also be added to help amplify voices and increase intelligibility in spaces. With our audio solutions, your customers will be able to hear everything you say.