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Why Do You Need Digital Signage Today?

Digital signage has become an integral part of the modern world. The use of LCD, LED, projection, and similar forms for both indoor and outdoor displays enable marketers to communicate easily and effectively to their audience.  New technologies, such as digital signage, help businesses to keep up with modern customer demands. This blog outlines a…

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Why can’t I use a “Smart TV” instead of the more expensive commercial displays?

Why Smart TVs are No Substitute for Commercial Displays For business owners looking to improve their visual presence, a logical solution is to invest in flat screen displays to showcase corporate information or other content. In many situations, especially for bar and restaurant owners, having high-definition screen capabilities is a necessity for attracting and retaining…

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LG launches Pro Centric Direct for Hospitality TV’s

LG Electronics USA Business Solutions is launching an advanced new content management system for hotels called Pro:Centric Direct that features an authoring tool using drag and drop widgets as well as new over-the-top Internet video streaming and casting services. The upgraded Pro:Centric Direct platform allows system integrators virtually unlimited design options for guest user interfaces…

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Create A Unique Experience With Digital Signage and Video Screens

Physical marketing is a completely different game since the use of digital signage and screens has become popular. Instead of using small signs and other static media, restaurant owners can offer a unique experience and draw in huge crowds during special events. More importantly, they can control how products are marketed in the store. Restaurant…

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A Matchup: Consumer vs Commercial Flat Panel Displays

When pondering the benefits of Consumer vs Commercial Flat Panel Displays for digital signage projects, there are various factors to consider. While both varieties of Flat Panel Displays can produce results with outstanding picture quality, the engineering is significantly different. Regardless of screen type, such as LED, LCD or plasma, customers should consider that professional…

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Harness These Digital Signage Trends to Promote Your Business

Take a moment and try to think of a time when you didn’t look at a screen every few hours.

Thanks to advancements in technology and the interconnectivity of the internet, screens have become a part of our everyday landscape. If you’re a business owner who’s not capitalizing on this with digital signage, then you’re missing out on a prime opportunity.

Today, we’re exploring the digital signage trends you can use to better promote your business.