How Cloud-Based Video Conferencing is Revolutionizing Corporate Communications

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As more people bring mobile devices to the boardroom, video conferencing technologies allow for greater collaboration in the boardroom.

In particular, cloud-based video conferencing is on its way to becoming the standard for business communications. It facilitates mobile conferences, telecommuting employees, long-distance training, and remote clientele without an extensive investment in infrastructure, hardware, and networking.

Why consider video conferencing in the cloud? Read on to see what benefits cloud-based video conferencing offers businesses.

Cloud-Based Video Conferencing: The Future of Business Communications?


Thanks to cloud-based video conferencing, people can participate using whatever means necessary – their desktop, mobile device, or conference room system will all work with the cloud-based technology. With the ease-of-use of cloud-based video conferencing programs, employees and clients will be able to operate them comfortably, enabling a smoother conversation focused on substance, not technical troubleshooting. Connecting to participants in remote locations will be quick and effortless.

InvestmentUse Cloud-Based Video Conferencing to Change How Your Massachusetts or New Hampshire Business Communicates

Traditional video conferencing set-up involves a more costly infrastructure, including equipment for all user locations set up for the conferencing system and networking with significant bandwidth to accommodate the calls. Cloud-based video conferencing does away with most of these costs. Your cloud service provider will handle setting up and maintaining the necessary infrastructure, leaving you to focus on your conferences.

Streamlined Process

With cloud-based video conferencing in place, your communication processes will be streamlined, as the technology will standardize the way calls are connected and managed, whether they are multi-point calls or point-to-point calls.

What if your in-house video conferencing system differs from that of one of your participants? Cloud-based video conferencing services offer transcoding, a process that essentially translates differing protocols from video conferencing systems to establish a uniform format, enabling the systems to “speak” to each other.

Expand Your Communication Horizons With Cloud-Based Video Conferencing

Let CCS New England help you select and operate a cloud-based video conferencing solution to change the way your business communicates. We can provide full system integration to outfit your conference room with the right equipment, allowing you to easily operate cloud-based video conferencing sessions.

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