Christie Digital Launches New Series of All-Weather Outdoor Digital Signage Displays

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One of our CCS Presentation System partners Christie Digital continues to make innovative steps in how digital displays are used in all types of audience applications.

Christie Digital announced at the Integrated Systems Europe show in Amsterdam a new series of weatherproof LCD outdoor flat panels. The 55-inch, full 1920 x 1080 HD Christie FHD551-W panel is clearly a perfect fit for marketing in the outdoors. There are many applications for this ruggedly-built outdoor screen. Christie says it’s designed for outdoor sports venues, live events, entertainment parks, public displays, hospitalities and resorts and many other outdoor situations.

Christie Digital’s Product Manager Frank Anzures describes the new offering’s advantages to companies in both wet and dry weather zones in the video clip below:

He mentions that the FHD551-W screens are IP56 rated, which according to the specs, allows for ‘limited ingress of dust permitted (no harmful deposit) and protected against strong jets of water.’ The panel’s optimally bonded glass helps overall viewability and provides a harder screen shell which helps to eliminate or lessen scratches on the glass. Anzures says that protection offers uses in both harsh, dusty conditions and water conditions. “It’s a perfect panel for outdoor use”, says Anzures.

Christie writes in its press release that:

“The ability to use the Christie FHD551-W in landscape or portrait mode is ideal for rental staging applications, resorts, hotels and restaurants, to provide impactful content in public areas, while being rugged and durable to withstand rain, sleet, snow, and human interaction.“

CCS has offices all over the country, so we can see many audio-visual solutions for the Christie LCD weatherproof panel. Applications could include use outside sporting venues, used in state park locations to highlight hiking trails and other outdoor activities, or even use outside government and corporate buildings, as seen in the video above.

If you’re a business that sees a valuable use for such an innovative panel display, contact CCS Presentations for more details, audio-visual solution insights, consultation and installation. We will work with you in determining your needs and how we can work together on an upcoming digital signage project.

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