video conferencing solutions

Tips For Video Conferencing System Solutions

Video conferencing systems, which enable teams to work more efficiently through collaboration, are widely used in sectors such as education, corporate, and government. In addition to the usual conference calls, business partners can see each other’s body language during the conversation, as well as provide a more powerful connection, and many video conferencing systems provide…

digital signage

Why Do You Need Digital Signage Today?

Digital signage has become an integral part of the modern world. The use of LCD, LED, projection, and similar forms for both indoor and outdoor displays enable marketers to communicate easily and effectively to their audience.  New technologies, such as digital signage, help businesses to keep up with modern customer demands. This blog outlines a…

Huddly room

Discover the Ultimate Conferencing Experience with Huddly IQ

7 reasons why Huddly IQ is an award-winning conferencing video camera:   Loud Crisp, and clear For ultimate audio experience Huddly IQ boosts an enhanced microphone array and delivers optimal vocal clarity which is as crisp as it is loud, allowing everyone’s voice to be heard.  Ultra-Wide-Angle and Superior viewing Features HD 720P 30fps output…


The WePresent Wireless Presentation System

The WePresent wireless presentation system offers wireless solutions for more efficient, intuitive, and stress-free collaboration across all your corporate meeting and training halls by adding the WePresent wireless presentation system to interactive screens to commence your meetings. With this tool, your meetings are faster and eliminate the complexity of wired cable connections. Introducing digital content…

conferencing equipment

Best AV Conferencing Equipment by Room Size

The size of the room will determine what AV conferencing equipment you need for your business. With a bigger room and more participants, you need to scale your equipment to ensure clear and productive communication. Below we have listed the things you need to consider depending on the size of the conference room. Small Room…

classroom safety

Enhanced School Safety With Audio Enhancement

School safety has become an extremely hot topic over the past few years. With so many outside influences targeting today’s youth, we need to find new ways to make sure they feel safe in their learning environment. Keeping schools safe allows children to look forward to being in an encouraging environment that promotes social and…

av integrator

Choosing The Ideal AV Integrator For Your Business

With today’s evolving technology, businesses must migrate towards advances that facilitate good communication. Confirming to such changes is useful in improving interaction in real time and strengthens working conditions and workflow. Applying audio visual integration system is one way of incorporating technological advances to improve intra and intercompany communication. Simply put, audiovisual integration combines hardware,…

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Audio/Video Conferencing System

Technological advancement has reduced the world to a global village. Unlike long ago when people had to spend colossal sums of money to attend business meetings, the money can now be diverted into other meaningful aspects of the business, thanks to audio/video conferencing technology. The need for audio conferencing is growing by the day as…

digital projector

Choosing the Best Digital Projector

Choosing a projector for your needs can be a daunting task. Due to a large number of options and brands make it easy for unsuspecting consumers to be duped into buying low-quality digital projectors for their office, classroom or home. Here are some things to consider in order to land the best digital projector. The…

av installation

Choosing The Ideal AV Installation Company For Your Business

The DIY trends has breached all sectors, audio visual industry and others alike with sites that offer tutorials and lessons from professionals or experienced users; anyone can do anything themselves. Sometimes, doing things without any trained assistance might be the right course of action. Other times, trained professionals are the right choice for better results.…