Enhanced School Safety With Audio Enhancement

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classroom safety

School safety has become an extremely hot topic over the past few years. With so many outside influences targeting today’s youth, we need to find new ways to make sure they feel safe in their learning environment.

Keeping schools safe allows children to look forward to being in an encouraging environment that promotes social and creative learning. Students and staff must feel safe before they can focus their energy on learning.

What tools are available to help increase the safety of today’s students in the classroom?

One answer is the SAFE (Signal Alert For Education) System™ by Audio Enhancement. SAFE is an alert and notification solution that connects teachers and classrooms to first responders for quick response and communication. The integration of a SAFE System with the Teacher Microphone gives teachers a personal duress button, providing the ability to send alerts instantly, from anywhere in the school. The office staff is able to discreetly acknowledge the alert, letting teachers know that help is on the way. The web-based interface gives administrators the ability to provide direction and maintain situational awareness of the entire campus, even in the most challenging emergency conditions. When seconds count, the SAFE System is there to help!

The SAFE System is the single greatest use of school district funds to ensure that each and every student comes back through that door at home each night.
Dr. Willian Roberts
Former Superintendent
Nye County School District, NV

To learn more about the SAFE System by Audio Enhancement and other tools that will help support the classroom and school campus, reach out to one of our Audio-Visual experts at 978-256-2001. Let’s work together to create learning environments our children deserve!

… Promoting school safety creates an open space to explore, learn and grow.

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