• 1862

    Large Conference Room: Front

  • 1719


  • 1722

    Lounge Screen

  • 1751

    Small Conference/Huddle Room

  • 1763


  • 1777

    Presentation Room (Wall)

  • 1780

    Presentation Room (Window)

  • 1785

    Presentation Room (Full)

  • 1788

    6×2 Video Wall Panorama

  • 1814

    Huddle Room

  • 1831

    Executive Conference Room

  • 1836

    Large Conference Room: Dual Displays

  • 1848

    Large Conference Room: Projector & Screen

  • 1858

    Control Panel

  • 1876

    Large Conference Room: Back

  • 1686

    Large Screen

  • 1688

    Digital Signage

  • 1697

    Lounge: 2×2 Video Wall

  • 1700

    Front Desk

  • 1716

    Executive Conference Room

CCS integrated several products into Netcracker’s office, Networks Operation Center (NOC) and various conference rooms. In the NOC, four stands with dual displays were added to allow vendors to come in with their laptops and do demonstrations (with the ability to share their desktop content to one side and something else to the other).

A 6×2 video wall was also installed for the company to display its software. Matrix switching allows them to pull up a video source and display it on any one or any combination of displays that they want. (They can use all 12 displays to reproduce a single source if they want). They can also have four people working simultaneously at four different stations and manipulate the displays.

The main conference room is equipped for global video conferencing. Stationary table top mounted microphones and suspended pendent speakers from Crestron handle the audio reproduction. The Crestron control panel makes the system operation simple and intuitive with one button commands.

Finally, CCS incorporated a 2×2 video wall display into the lobby. It has digital signage capabilities that are used to welcome visitors to Netcracker and provides a source for information about events, and scheduling. A 1920 x 1200 HD resolution projector was also installed and provides the ability to project an image onto the glass screen.

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