• Chapel-3


  • Chapel-4


  • Long-Speaker-2


  • Mic-2


  • Short-Speaker-1


  • Short-Speaker-2


  • Short-speaker-4


  • Chapel-1


Two chapels (Abbey Chapel and the Inter-Faith Chapel) at Mount Holyoke College were slated to attain adequate sound quality for music and speech. In previous efforts to correct the problem, several sound systems were installed and modifications were made to the ceiling for the organs, helping acoustically, but not vocally. Through a collaborative effort between Mount Holyoke College and CCS, a strategy was devised to create sound clarity for both speech and music. An updated, easy to use speech reinforcement and audio play back recording system was placed in the Abbey Chapel, with a smaller system in the adjacent Inter-Faith Chapel. New microphones, mixers/amplifiers and a unique brand of speakers, Danley Sound Labs, were integrated into the space. Additionally, CCS provided audio feeds to offer live streaming for future chapel events.  The final result: The Abbey and adjacent Inter-Faith Chapels now have clear, high quality vocal and acoustic sound, with constant intelligibility and increased audience participation. Best of all, the chapels were technologically-enhanced without losing their historic appearance.

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