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Interactive Whiteboard

Technology is everywhere. You are able to connect to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Information is instantly obtained and sent to the far reaches of the world in the blink of an eye. As technologies evolve, classroom technology must evolve, too.

At CCS New England, we partner with manufacturers and products that increase visualization and collaboration across all realms – education, corporate and government – including classroom technology.

Presentation Tools to Streamline Processes & Cut Costs

In schools – both K-12 and higher education – collaboration is key to any classroom. SMART Interactive Whiteboards, Epson BrightLink Interactive projectors, assessment tools and audio amplification systems are just a few of the classroom technology solutions that we have designed for classrooms in the Boston area.

Our team can help teachers and school administrators assess needs, then design and integrate custom classroom technology that works with educational program goals.

Benefits of Classroom Technology

When using classroom technology on a regular basis, students will increase their productivity and knowledge by working on the same information at the same time, generating ideas and concepts that they might not have thought about on their own. In Higher Education institutions, online courses are becoming more and more popular. Distance learning gets better with high quality projectors, audio systems, high definition video conferencing and displays, and other classroom technology.

Classroom Technology in Corporate Settings

Staying up to date with the latest classroom technology helps your company stand out with your customers. Information is readily available at your fingertips. Real-time decisions can be made with collaboration and conferencing in multiple office locations across distances. With interactive displays and high definition video, issues in the field and at customer’s sites can be handled in real time instead of waiting to return to the office. Your customers will be impressed with the quick response time your classroom technology enables.

Educational Training

CCS New England can not only design and integrate your classroom technology, we also provide the necessary training so that your team members are able to take full advantage of your system’s functionality. If issues every arise, we can also provide troubleshooting to restore all classroom technology to peak performance.