Boardrooms & Conference Rooms

CCS Offers The Best Video Conferencing Solution For Your Boardrooms

Create Collaborative Boardrooms with AV & Presentation Tools

Boardrooms are a place to gather and collaborate with peers in order to let new ideas take flight. At CCS New England, we design boardroom spaces equipped with multiple AV systems and functions, including room control, video conferencing, LED/LCD displays, drop down screens, projectors, video wall conferencing and presentation tools, and more. We provide intuitive and seamlessly integrated presentation tools that enable you to take your business collaboration to a whole new level.

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Presentation Tools to Streamline Processes & Cut Costs

Our integrated presentation tools help offices and companies collaborate and interact with each other across various distances, while cutting the travel costs of flights and hotel rooms. Imagine pulling up a video conference call with Los Angeles or Hong Kong instantaneously on a video wall instead of wasting unnecessary time and money traveling and staying in hotels.
Travel logistics and expenses are long gone now with video wall conferencing and other presentation tools. You can work on projects and materials in real time, sending out finished or updated status notes and discussions to all participants in the blink of an eye.
Best of all, our presentation tools enable you to focus on the content of your conference or client meeting rather than the logistics of getting there. We also provide integration tools and training to ensure that your AV systems and presentation tools work seamlessly.

Add Presentation Tools to Your Massachusetts or New Hampshire Business

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