SMART Fall Break Academy – Scottsdale

SMART™ Teacher Academy – $495 3-day Hands on Experience – October 7 – 9 from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm “Fall” into CCS for lots of fun, food, and a relaxing environment where participants will have the opportunity to learn all about the SMART Board and its capabilities. Come and join us for this special occasion to learn along-side one of our Certified SMARTBoard Trainers and collaborate with other SMART Board™ users at our new SMART series called “Fall Break with SMART!” This 3-day academy provides you with a unique chance to explore the SMART Notebook™ 14 software to its fullest! Each participant will walk through a sequence of SMART Board sessions that start at the basic level and end with a custom-built lesson that uses multiple interactive strategies. The following will be provided with this session: lunch, a free gift that can be used with your SMART Board, training materials, and 18 hrs. professional development credit.