Tips for Choosing the right Audio Visual Furniture

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Choosing the right Audio Visual Furniture can make the difference between a good presentation and a great one. Commercial AV equipment can be used in a classroom, church or conference room, and there are many types available for purchase. Wireless components, retractable displays, carts and other accessories are available online at reasonable prices, and this equipment ensures that presentations are seen and heard by everyone in attendance. Read on to learn about the various types of commercial audiovisual equipment.

AV Equipment for Outdoor Uses

While most screens, sound systems and other parts are intended for indoor use, they can be used outdoors under a tent or shelter as long as the weather cooperates. Outdoor audiovisual systems are ideal for weddings, dances and small concerts, as well as a variety of other uses. Consult a local AV equipment dealer for further details on outdoor-rated sound and video systems.

Factors to Consider When Buying AV Equipment

When customers buy a projector screen, mobile sound system or AV cart, they should do so in consideration of the event space’s dimensions and the audience’s size. Exhibitors should buy equipment that’s a good match for the space. Projection screens shouldn’t be excessively large, and there should be sufficient distance between the stand and the audience. For sit-down presentations and office work, a collaborative conference table can help companies get things done.


Visual aids and other accessories are a crucial part of a smooth, successful presentation. AV carts and projector stands are a simple, effective way to ensure that all attendees can see and hear the presentation; they raise displays and monitors over the audience’s heads, ensuring an unobstructed view. Smaller carts are easy to position, and they allow audience members to see over a projector. Portable systems can be used to put cameras and overhead projectors at the right height for use. Presenters should use projection screens to get the most out of video presentations, as they display projector images sharply and clearly. Additionally, projection screens can provide a more professional look than a wall or sheet, and the site has a selection of portable screens for every event or presentation need.

Trade Show and Exhibit Essentials

Along with portable AV accessories, there’s also a wide selection of exhibit supplies and other essentials. The trade show season tends to sneak up on some people, and there’s always the option to have things shipped quickly. With a full range of AV Furniture, sound equipment, visual aids, screens, monitors and other components, it’s possible to put on a great presentation with little or no notice.

A company’s choice in audiovisual equipment can cause it to succeed or fail. However, it can be difficult for some buyers to make the right choices, simply because there are so many options available. From AV carts, cables and other components to screens, monitors, projectors, speakers and equipment, it’s all available on the site. By considering the options and seeking professional advice when necessary, buyers can find the right AV equipment for a company of any size. For more information or if you wish to seek a consultation, contact your representative at CCS Mid-Atlantic today!

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