The Importance of Optimizing Camera Placement for Videoconferencing

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Optimizing Videoconferencing Camera Placement CCS Southeast 1

Communication Videoconferencing with employees, partners, and contractors is a requirement for a business to operate smoothly and effectively. This is even more imperative when such individuals are in a remote location and cannot readily join in the conference room to discuss pressing matters. Over the last few years, the development of video conferencing has transformed the way such businesses operate, allowing face to face collaboration and allowing tasks to be completed in a much more efficient manner.

As videoconferencing has already made great strides to ensure effective communication between divisions, the key to pulling off a successful video conferencing system is simple: realism. Designing the best space, or repurposing and altering an existing one, is now the best way for this concept to be realized. New conference room installation may require a space to be rearranged and reutilized in a way which would allow for optimal AV integration in the workspace.

The adjustment of furniture and décor is key in the process of setting the appropriate atmosphere for the AV system set up. The furniture selection and placement is key for setting an air of professionalism. Selecting the primary use of the space, the size of the space, and the orientation will assist in guiding this selection.

Videoconferencing camera placement is a huge part of this set up. The key to successful optimal AV integration when installing a new conference room system is in maintaining a seamless, natural appearance when the system is utilized. The ideal placement for the camera system is as close to eye level as possible so it appears you are looking directly at the person at the far-side of the table as opposed to the location of the camera itself. This gives a more personal feel to the interactions and communication taking place with the user.

Luckily, as with many things, the development of this technology has also lead to a development in the best way to place it to get the correct feel. First, the videoconferencing camera must be placed as close as possible to the monitor screen which will display the opposing conference room. This will create the appearance of each side looking directly at each other as they view them through the screen. The optimal height of the camera is between 42 and 52 inches from the floor based on the seated eye height of participants.

Videoconferencing camera placement can always be adjusted if need be. The more difficult part of the planning process is choosing furniture which will allow the aforementioned “seamless” appearance during conferencing. Table shapes with a “V” shape are optimal for camera, whereas those with a square or round table have to lean in or out in order to view the monitor.

Beyond cameras and furniture, the horizontal nature of BYOD technology, including the challenge of wireless peripherals, is being addressed. The design for meeting spaces is changing and evolving to include technological advances made by the AV industry and incorporates the expectations of the ever changing demographics in the workspace. All-in-One pieces, for example, which allows the integration of several key components without sacrificing style while maintaining the realistic display desired is becoming a trend.

Many business owners now wish for flexibility in addition to the space’s typical usage. The majority of the time, these rooms service a specific purpose within the organization, however, creating a friendly, workable space which can be used for numerous applications is desirable. Ensuring the furniture is light and easy to maneuver and making the equipment as user friendly as possible makes the multi-purpose video conferencing room a reality.

When designing and installing new conference room AV systems, it is important to have an integrator who understands how the technology and furniture can support collaboration. When done correctly, new conference room installation can lead to a simple, but effective, communicative tool between the home office and any offsite affiliates. CCS Southeast provides superior AV products, services, and solutions to fit your needs, no matter what size. Contact us today to optimize your space.

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