SMART Table brings new collaborative learning solution to K-12 classrooms

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Interactive learning remains a high priority for school administrators, parents and students themselves. Our consumer world is overrun daily with new technology innovations. Now it’s time to transfer that future of learning into schools. It’s time to open up budgets and invest in interactive learning solutions in school districts. A child’s education needs only a small first step to go on to greatness. And that first step just might be at the table.


SMART Technologies is well-known throughout the K-12 education industry for its installations, training and consultancy work with teachers in school rooms for its interactive Smart boards. Now, the company has advanced its teaching tools with The SMART Table.

The SMART Table is a new learning experience from one of the manufacturing partners of CCS Presentation Systems. By its design and form function, the SMART Table brings young learners together to develop and learn from each other both socially and academically.

Up to 8 students can interact simultaneously with the table at one time. With its 360-degree, multi-touch surface and 42″ HD 1080p LCD display, the SMART Table offers interactivity and active collaboration to achieve shared learning goals.

The SMART Table is designed for durability in active classrooms. The company made it scratch-resistant and spill-resistant, which is great news for teachers. The entire table is supported by a pedestal base that’s nearly untippable, making it appropriate, even for roughhousing students. The table also allows for students in wheelchairs to engage in active discussions and small group collaboration activities.

Teachers can access over 1,500 ready-made activity packs from the award-winning SMART Exchange™website, or create their own engaging lesson content using the included SMART Table Toolkit. Teachers can also import ready-made lessons and 3D multimedia content, with SMART Notebook™collaborative learning software (included with the SMART Table).

Schools and school districts usually work with audio-visual systems integrators and audio-visual solution providers to assess, integrate and implement Smart tools in the classroom.

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