Capabilities of the New SMART Board Interactive Displays

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Visual communication has taken a giant leap forward with SMART Board Interactive Displays. There are three different series of models to accommodate needs across industries. The capabilities encourage collaboration, facilitate multimedia approaches, and provide easy access to slides, video on demand, and remote usage.

The SMART 4075

The 4000 series was specifically designed for use in classrooms. The sizes of each screen allows for complete viewing anywhere in the dimensions of an average classroom. The 4075, for example, has a screen that measures seventy-five inches diagonally, and was created to eliminate glare for unobstructed viewing by the teacher and students. The high definition resolution provides crisp and clear images in any type of media presentation.

The SMART ink component of the board provides legible results whether writing is completed by the pen or a finger. That instills confidence in younger students, and increases participation. The viewing and writing experiences are enhanced to engage students of all ages. Collaboration is fun and easy as multiple students can add ideas, answers, or pictures onto the board at the same time. Items can be moved and combined at will, theories can be tested, and ideas or solutions to problems can be set aside for later consideration.

The SMART 6000 Series

This series of SMART Board Interactive Displays has better definition than previous models. The 4K Ultra resolution utilizes the most advanced technology available to date. Another additional component is Pen ID, which uses different colored ink for each contributor. Collaborators can follow each person’s contribution from remote sites. That helps keep thoughts, suggestions, and brainstorming ideas clear. If someone asks a question regarding a specific point, for example, the originator of the thought can provide clarification distinctly.

The boards also are equipped with four simultaneous touch points. Different people can rotate, zoom, or flip images at the same time. Small groups can be engaged at the same board, team building exercises can be presented at training or executive retreats, and participants can compete in skills and knowledge. The SMART 6065 measures sixty-five inches diagonally, while the SMART 6075 measures seventy-five inches. Variations are available to accommodate different space sizes.

Boards Include SMART Learning Suite

The learning suite consists of four valuable applications and functions that enhance the capabilities of board. The SMART Notebook software is designed for education. It can be used at all levels across industries. The SMART Lab application allows teachers, facilitators, trainers, and presenters to quickly create relevant activities. Making the session engaging and interesting is easy when activities can be geared to the specific audience.

The SMART amp function elevates co-creation capabilities by allowing several people to add information at once. The SMART response2 provides a way to make quick and effective formative assessments of information, images, contributions, and reports. These amazing interactive boards can be found at various distributors across the country, such as CCS Presentation Systems of New England. To locate the nearest authorized dealer in your area, simply go to the SMART board website and click on the Locator page. Information requested includes the name of the entity, the primary purpose for the board, and contact information.

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