• Windermere-2

    Presention/Lecture Hall: Windermere

  • Green-Center-9

    Green Center: Den

  • Green-Center-12

    Green Center: Small Conference/Huddle Room

  • Gustafson-1

    Gustafson: Presentation/Class Room

  • Web-Conferencing-Monomy

    Web Conferencing; Monomy

  • Web-Conferencing-Tonga

    Web Conferencing: Tonga

  • Windermere-1

    Classroom: Windermere

  • Green-Center-4

    Green Center: Huddle Room

  • Green-Center-5

    Green Center: Conference Room

CCS provided audio and video upgrades to Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), specifically in the Green Center for Student Success, Gustafson Center and at the SNHU Millyard Building. New screens, displays, touch panels, web conferencing systems, projectors and microphones were added to enhance the spaces and provide ease of use for guests.

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