Service Group of America


Previous Next Service Group of America The literal centerpiece of SGA Corporate Center’s high-end conference room is its pentagonal video display system, containing five synchronized monitors and weighing nearly 1 ton. CCS designed and executed a structurally sound and maintenance-friendly lift mechanism that enhances the room’s sight lines and elegant aesthetics. Recent Portfolios

Bryan Lincoln General Hospital


Previous Next Bryan Lincoln General Hospital Bryan’s Educational Technologies Coordinator/Instructor came to CCS for recommendations on improving the training and teaching offerings of Bryan LGH through advanced technology and audio vision support. He wanted the ability to integrate SMART Technologies and Video Conferencing capabilities with recording and playback for onsite and distance learning situations. CCS’s […]

Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston


Previous Next Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston CCS New England provided Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston with a new and improved, integrated conference room. CCS engineers created video conferencing capabilities with built in table microphones making it so all information could be accessed on the screens with iPads. This design allowed for simple […]

Senior Systems


Previous Next Senior Systems Senior Systems is a leader in independent school software. They have helped private and independent K-12 schools to efficiently and productively manage their operations with software offerings for the Admissions Office, Business Office, Academic Office and Alumni/Development Office. CCS designed a video conferencing system in their Main Boardroom with a Sharp 90″ LED […]

New Hampshire Welcome Center


Previous Next New Hampshire Welcome Center CCS installed a large video wall at the Hooksett, New Hampshire Welcome Center on the North and Southbound sides of the highway. The display is located in the food court area above the information booth and shows tourist attractions and things to do in New Hampshire. Recent Portfolios

Video Walls


Previous Next Video Walls Here you can see a sampling of video walls that were installed by various CCS offices. Like what you see? Let us help you update your space! Recent Portfolios

Ocular Therapeutix, Inc.


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