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Why can’t I use a “Smart TV” instead of the more expensive commercial displays?

Why Smart TVs are No Substitute for Commercial Displays For business owners looking to improve their visual presence, a logical solution is to invest in flat screen displays to showcase corporate information or other content. In many situations, especially for bar and restaurant owners, having high-definition screen capabilities is a necessity for attracting and retaining…


What’s The Differences Between a Consumer and Commercial Flat Panel Displays

There are two types of flat screens to choose from when shopping for a flat-screen TV. Both types, commercial and consumer, produce outstanding quality pictures. They are engineered in different ways and have general differences to take into consideration. The end use of the display screens will help with the decision. When the customer is…


CCS Becomes a Zoom Certified Integrator

ZOOM ROOMS EXPANDS WITH NEW ECOSYSTEM AND INTEGRATOR PROGRAMS Zoom recently announced the development of two new programs that expand the reach and impact of its software based conference room solution, Zoom Rooms. Zoom Rooms’ superior user experience and scalability have enabled thousands of organizations such as Uber, Conde Nast, Zendesk, and REA Group to…


Every Home Theater Could Benefit From A Digital Cinema Projector

Every home theater could benefit from a Digital Cinema Projector for the the ultimate theater like experience in your home. In today’s homes, more and more people are choosing a space to be a dedicated home theater for family movie viewing. They are completely remodeling a room to look like a miniature movie theater with…

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How To Get Rid of Poor Audio During Conference Calls

Communication technology is a pivotal part of any company’s IT architecture, especially if the business is spread across global regions. Without real-time communication tools, such as video chat and conference calling, it’s impossible for different teams and departments to stay coordinated and organized. Using conference phones during meetings will allow for remote and work-at-home employees…


Upgrade Your Conference Room TV in 2018

As the years go on, we are continuously finding ways to impress our clients. As humans, we are consistently wanting more. In this instance, we want our communication and presentation skills to shoot sky high, while companies can hold conferences. We’re sure if you think, there are easily five ways you can improve your office’s…


How Do AV Technicians Approach AV Design For Education?

AV Technicians assess the complete requirements of an audio video system installed in local schools. They review the full requirements for the classrooms individually based on proportion and necessity. They follow specific tests when designing the systems that ensure that the school and teachers alike get the most out of their customized designs. The following…


The Importance of Presentation Technology in the Classroom

By using presentation technologies in the classroom you can go “beyond the PowerPoint” with your class. This blog outlines the importance of presentation technology in the K12 and higher education settings as well as the benefits it can bring to teachers and students alike.


How To Choose The Right Audio Visual Furniture?

Businesses take their conference room designs serious and for all the right reasons. It is in these spaces that they present ideas to investors and complete critical collaborations. For these reasons, they need to design these areas to accommodate large groups comfortably. The following is an assessment of what applies when Choosing the right Audio…