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A Great Small Format Digital Cinema Projector

When it comes to projectors, especially those used for entertainment purposes, there’s an awful lot of things to consider. However, for small commercial theaters looking for an excellent digital product, or if a person wants their home theater to offer a premier theater experience, a small format Digital Cinema Projector is the way to go.…

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The Very Best of CES 2017

One thing that’s sure to get people excited is the latest and greatest gadgets. Everyone is interested in seeing where the latest advances in computer technology and electronics design will bring next. In fact, the Consumer Electronics Show, or CES 2017, is dedicated to providing a showcase for the latest in computer technology, home electronics,…

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A Matchup: Consumer vs Commercial Flat Panel Displays

When pondering the benefits of Consumer vs Commercial Flat Panel Displays for digital signage projects, there are various factors to consider. While both varieties of Flat Panel Displays can produce results with outstanding picture quality, the engineering is significantly different. Regardless of screen type, such as LED, LCD or plasma, customers should consider that professional…


Those dreaded words – “For that, it’s an additional”

CCS Presentation Systems knows the legwork it takes to get a product, hardware or software budgeted and approved for your classroom. Even worse is when you as a leadership team identify the best solution within your budget, only to find out the features you need cost EXTRA than the base package you were proposed. So,…


CCS Enhances Sound in Mount Holyoke College’s Chapels

CCS Presentation Systems, a New England based audio visual integrator, recently completed an A/V installation project at Mount Holyoke College, a liberal arts college for women in South Hadley, Massachusetts. The college’s chapels, the Abbey Chapel and Inter-Faith Chapel, were slated to attain adequate sound quality for music and speech. In previous efforts to correct…


Looking for a mobile classroom for your public or private school? Look no further

CCS Presentation Systems has brought to the market a one-of-a-kind solution for mobile training – a fully equipped mobile classroom! CCS used the exact mobile training unit featured in this listing to provide interactive learning opportunities across the country. Since we are proud of being at the forefront of technology, AV solutions and quality learning…


At the top of your educator’s wish list: Interactive projectors!

Teachers around the country will lock up their classroom and head home for the holiday break next week. Some will leave with a wish list for Santa that includes current technology, classroom engagement and true growth for their students. Maybe even some wishes for rest and relaxation! While we can’t quite help you bake cookies…

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What Purposes Do Companies Choose To Acquire Commercial Audio Video Integrations?

Companies integrate new systems into their infrastructure for a variety of reasons. These integrations are often acquired to improve business operations and to improve the business as a whole. When choosing audio and video systems, they follow an approach to achieve these aspirations. The following are the purposes that companies choose to acquire Commercial Audio…

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SMART Exemplary Educators: Technology Training that Translates Into Success

Technology has completely changed the way that individuals live, process, communicate, and even learn. Every day, teachers are increasing their dependence on technology in order to reach students at their level, and encourage opportunities for learning and growing. In the past, this work was done alone as each educator tried to figure out solutions on…