How Video Projectors Can Upgrade Your Company’s Presence

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How often have you been out at a corporate event and experienced the host’s shining logo in bright bold colors, beamed up in a video projection against a multi-media screen? It’s happening far more frequently for event attendees lately, as digital technologies are allowing a greater use of video projectors. It also helps that the cost of large-scale video projectors continues to fall.Video Projectors

Why are large-scale video projectors so valuable to companies and corporate brands around the country? Part of the allure is the impact that large dramatic images shining upon a wall can provide for a company’s brand or product launch. Large-scale video projectors also add presence and impact to events, often involving social media and human interaction along the way.  

These massive audio-visual solutions use a combination of bright light projectors, large multi-media screens and integrated digital content to bring amazing colors and light to audiences. Panasonic, a worldwide leader in video projection systems, offers a variety of models designed for different venues and conditions.

Some of Panasonic’s higher end projectors beam up to an incredible 20,000 lumens of brightness. The company developed the world’s lightest 3-chip DLP-based projectors, which are ideal for large meeting rooms, theaters, museums and convention halls.

Its groundbreaking large-scale video projection system, the PT-DS20KU with SXGA+ (1,400 x 1,050) resolution, offers 20,000 lumens of brightness and long lamp replacement cycles of up to 2,000 hours. With 3D compatibility and superior installation flexibility, this makes the projector ideal for large-venue applications such as auditoriums, museums and rental and staging that requires both maximum brightness and easy handling.Projectors

Respected industry researcher PMA Research wrote favorably about the Panasonic DS20KU after the 2012 NAB show:   

“The PT-DZ21KU and PT-DS20KU are 3D ready and can utilize an active shutter system which can be equipped with an external emitter via the timing signal IN/OUT terminal. For passive, polarized 3D projection these units support frame-sequential, side by side and top and bottom formats. These projectors are also equipped with DICOM simulation mode for use in medical and teaching environments where the ability to view X-ray images is needed. Both the PT-DZ21KU and PT-DS20KU are able to project onto various curved screens via the Geometric Adjustment Feature.”

Using video projectors can help to augment a full range of integrated AV solutions for a company, product or event. So, if your business is ready to invest in a spectacular large-scale video projectors coupled with interactive software and integrated controls, then you need an experienced integrator to put it all together for you.

Professional systems integrators like CCS Presentation Systems can offer key benefits in understanding the light, the projection field, the screens, systems, consultation, training and implementation. This experience will add another layer of excellence to using Panasonic’s projectors in a high-quality project installation of any size in all types of environments.

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