Excellence in Worship: Audio-Visual Tools at Your Church

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For those of us who regularly attend church services, you notice that much time and money is spent by churches and religious organizations on a top-notch audio-visual system. Churches want to amplify the word of the church leaders as well as the sound of musicians leading the worship in their chosen facilities.

A great audio and video projection system can provide images of the leaders, musicians and the congregation on digital display screens for all to see. In my local church on Sundays, the A/V team seamlessly moves from one of two camera vantage points, mixed in with pre-recorded content for a high quality multi-media offering.

Simply put, an amazing multi-media presentation in a church can make for a greater overall worship experience for both the church leader and their visitors. More modern churches today are making the investment into a multi-screen display experience, matched with full on concert audio acoustics.

A new report from WorshipTechDecisions called “Incorporating Video Projectors in Your Church” aims to help church leaders make the right investment decisions when it comes to a terrific audio-visual experience. The benefits are clear: The reports shows that:Excellence in Worship

  • big screen images can convey powerful emotional cues
  • utilize text, images and video to more effectively convey a chosen service message
  • bring HD detail and proper brightness to church presentations

One church highlighted in the study is the Revolution Church in Canton, Ga. There, the team invested in a Digital Projection International (DP) E-Vision 1080p 8000 projector and large projection screens from DaLite to provides a 16-foot-wide HD image above the church stage.

The pastor said that the church’s congregation can effectively focus on the pastor’s message on the big screen above. It also adds to the Revolution’s overall experience while enhancing the message.

Some tips are offered in the report for churches looking to upgrade their audio-visual solutions. They include…

  • Know what you want your service to be! Know the elements you want to use.
  • What type of image projection is best suited for the room and the application?
  • Determine the throw distance to the screen and the throw ratio you will need in a lens. A professional audio-visual installer can help with this decision making.
  • How will the projectors be wired to processors and cameras? Where will that equipment be located?
  • Will your equipment provider help to train your staff on the system? That’s important.

For churches that need assistance and guidance in putting together a fantastic audio-visual system in their church, CCS Presentation Systems can help. CCS one of the nations largest AV reseller of digital audio-visual equipment, systems integration and AV installation practices. It’s among the largest U.S. audio-visual system integration firms, and one of the leading providers of audio-visual products and solutions in the nation.

For more information on how CCS can consult with your worship organization on how to bring interactive display solutions, advanced presentation capabilities and more to the heart of your services, contact CCS Presentation Systems.

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