Epson’s Moverio Smart Glasses Aimed at Businesses and Enterprise

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As seen at the recent Google Developer conference in May, tech users are getting excited for the search giant’s upcoming wide-scale launch of Google Glass, its Internet glass set. But it’s not the only Web-enabled headset game in the business. Epson's Moverio Smart Glasses

CCS Presentation Systems manufacturing partner Epson also unveiled its Web-enabled headset – the Moverio headset – at the recent conference as well.

The glasses are aimed at technology users at various enterprise groups – corporations, educational organizations, health facilities, government offices and more and are being pitched to enterprise level developers to create new applications suitable to those environments. The engineering team behind the glasses knows that the Moverio platform is still in development, and they expect great things to come from new AV display applications made for the system.   Here is a short video outlining some of the fascinating applications envisioned by the Epson team for its Moverio platform:

Epson told reporters at the recent Google I/O conference that its Moverio glasses are being seen with specific business uses in mind. One report wrote about the example of a doctor wearing Moverio glasses to check important patient information, and others wrote of envisioning large area urban sections with its wide vision views. Its glasses can even display a video wall at a 360-degree perspective.

The unit being show to developers, the Moverio BT-100, is made up of multimedia glasses and a handheld control unit. Users can wear the glasses and use the control device to manage web browsing capabilities, watch content and check files or applications.

The Moverio glasses are an amazing audio-visual technology, and Epson says the platform is being shown to developers to inform and show potential uses in audio visual solutions for industry, education and government organizations. We’re excited for the breakthroughs, and hope to see great use of these in the coming years.

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