Does your classroom have Cubelets?

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cubelets robot blocks mp

Inspire a love of learning through play. Cubelets robot blocks make it fast and easy to engage children as young as four in learning by building robots. There is no wrong way to build with Cubelets, so it is quite easy to transform these blocks into brilliant bundles of robotic curiosity.

Cubelets® Blockly is the perfect platform to learn to program your own robots!

This simple and powerful visual programming tool gives you full control over your Cubelets® robot blocks. Create countless new robots and acts with the power of code. Cubelets® Blockly is a FREE coding environment for your Cubelets® robot blocks. Blockly is a visual programming language originally developed by Google. This forms the spine of this strong learning tool available for macOS and Windows.

Cubelets® Blockly is designed to help programming novices learn about and trial with visual programming. Over the past few years, Cubelets have delivered intuitions about complexity and robotics to thousands of students, museum goers, and budding roboticists.

Programming is widely considered an essential 21st-century skill. Kids and adults can learn to code from a vast variety of products, services, and classes. Code with Cubelets and you will learn more than just loops, functions, variables, timing, logic and conditionals. Coding with Cubelets exposes you to a new way of problem solving and coding called parallel programming.

Parallel programming is how you program a whole system. Typical coding gives you a level of control over a single machine. Parallel programming teaches you about controlling a team of machines and their interactions. Parallel programming is closer to how the world really works, whether you are coding a program or coaching a team. Learning to program a system with parallel programming is a skill that will help you solve problems beyond computer science.

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