Crestron Sets Innovative Training and Research at Nurse Anesthesia Center at VCU

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Crestron, a CCS Presentation Systems partner, set in place e-Control as its standard to connect and control every room at the prestigious VCU or Virginia Commonwealth University. VCU has over 300 Crestron connected rooms that are monitored and managed with RoomView.

VCU’s Nurse Anesthesia Simulation Center consists of a control room with one-way glass, three simulated operating rooms, a classroom for teaching and viewing the operating rooms and a conference room all connected by Crestron with distributed video and audio, and multi-site video conferencing capabilities.

The Nurse Anesthesia Center at VCU is truly one of the most innovative training and research centers in the world, and an impressive application of Crestron technology. Crestron RoomView asset management software is used to view & control the power aspects of all rooms, along with the scheduling of rooms, from a single location.

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