Collaborative Workspace – A New Year Means New Equipment

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The World Wide Web has changed the concepts behind the collaborative workspace. What are some of the hottest collaboration equipment innovations for the of 2018? What AV technology can you simply not get by without?

2018 Collaboration Equipment

The World Wide Web is all about collaboration – the collaboration between individuals, organizations, and computers. The world has gotten smaller due to technology. Now, organizations can tap into the ideal skills to complete a project, even if the individual is on the other side of the globe.

The hottest collaboration trends for 2019 are based on more informal, personal collaboration and real-time sharing. Two examples of cutting-edge personal collaboration equipment are 1. Smart Digital Whiteboards and 2. NEC Video Walls. Learn how these collaborative products are revolutionizing the industry.

1. Smart Digital Whiteboards

Professionals need to use cutting-edge digital whiteboards to create a vibrant presentation. Some think people have shorter attention spans; others think viewers demand more. Either way, the Smart Digital Whiteboard M600 series offers a great way to maintain audience attention.

The Smart Digital Whiteboard M600 series’s proprietary DViT (Digital Vision Touch) technology, includes “Object Awareness,” “Intuitive Gestures” and “Dual Touch” features. Unlike older boards, the Smart M600 can differentiate between fingers and pens.

Collaborate Naturally – Smart slogan.

And, if that is not enough, with Dual Touch – a student and teacher, manager and employee or two students – can add their input to the screen simultaneously. This is a great way to encourage interaction during collaboration.

Teachers can maintain lesson momentum – testing the retention of their students immediately. This is how collaborative technology is making sessions, more personalized. This real-time collaboration raises the roof for the industry.

2. NEC Video Walls

Modern real-time AV technology allows individuals to share information and their talents immediately. Spur-of-the-moment creation keeps online content fresh. Live concert streams are becoming hot – people don’t want to wait until movies are released on video.

Discover talent and collaborate in real-time.

The top corporate brands are turning their stockholder meetings into collaborative events. This is possible with large NEC Video Walls. These ensure that a brand is noticed and remains relevant.

A good example of this is the Washington Department of Transportation’s NEC Video Wall of traffic intersections. It can be used to display congestion points to an entire room. This saves the government workers valuable time in communicating immediate traffic problems to the public.

Modern consumers want larger visual presentations. They can live stream videos on their smartphones and assume that businesses will not only offer the same technology but better. NEC Video Walls deliver the latest technology for 2018.

Real-Time Personal Collaboration

The cutting-edge AV technology of 2019 allows for real-time, personal interaction with more people. People are amazed by the NEC Video Walls. People share their knowledge using the Smart Digital Whiteboard M600. Combining these collaborative technologies creates a rich experience for all parties involved in 2018.15

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