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Fair Trade and Value With TAA Compliant NEC Display Touch Screen Overlays

In the recent years, computer manufacturers have gotten a little touch-centric. It seems like everything has a touchscreen now. Mall kiosks now allow customers to interact with the map and search for exactly what they want with an intuitive interface. Most businesses that require a signature will most likely expect customers to sign on a…

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Sennheiser Digital 6000

Sennheiser, the German specialty electronics developer of microphones, headphones, and avionics headsets, has recently announced a new addition to its Professional Wireless Range: The upcoming Digital 6000 series of radio microphones for the RF-based live productions. This series uses the same long range mode and Digital Audio Codec as the Digital 9000, their top of…


CCS eNews – New Hires Sarah Seckla

CCS New England – Welcome Sarah Seckla A lifelong resident of NH, Sarah Seckla is joining us from the education world as our newest K-12 Account Executive. Sarah has been a music educator for the last 13 years, spending the last 11 at Hills Garrison Elementary in Hudson. Sarah has been an avid user of…