digital signage against neon signs the difference

Digital Signage Against Neon Signs, The Difference

One of the most often asked questions that surround signage of any kind is whether to go for digital signage or neon signs. There are contextual differences between the situations in which digital signs or neon signs are better, but the following reasons are also the most important things to keep in mind to ensure…


How Do AV Technicians Approach AV Design For Education?

AV Technicians assess the complete requirements of an audio video system installed in local schools. They review the full requirements for the classrooms individually based on proportion and necessity. They follow specific tests when designing the systems that ensure that the school and teachers alike get the most out of their customized designs. The following…

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The Importance of Presentation Technology in the Classroom

By using presentation technologies in the classroom you can go “beyond the PowerPoint” with your class. This blog outlines the importance of presentation technology in the K12 and higher education settings as well as the benefits it can bring to teachers and students alike.

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How To Choose The Right Audio Visual Furniture?

Businesses take their conference room designs serious and for all the right reasons. It is in these spaces that they present ideas to investors and complete critical collaborations. For these reasons, they need to design these areas to accommodate large groups comfortably. The following is an assessment of what applies when Choosing the right Audio…

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Audio/Video over IP for Businesses

Audio and video are an important part of businesses these days. Most restaurants use digital signage to catch the interest of customers and show off their latest promotions in style. The displays in the lobby could be showing the local news or other tailored content that’s appropriate for everyone present. Advertisements from competing businesses can…

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What Does It Mean To Be An Audiovisual Consultant?

As a consultant, you are required to come up with system designs and manage your clients. Furthermore, these specialists dig deep into the project to analyze and design systems that uniquely accommodate all your technology requirements for you as a customer.


How To Go About The Wireless Presentation

Imagine that you are in a board meeting, and instead of the presenter coming before everyone gathered for the meeting opening a briefcase full of papers that pop out like biscuits from a can when he opens it. He or she begins handing out laminated copies of their vision for the project at hand. You…


How AV Integration Has Helped Higher Education

How AV Integration Has Helped Higher Education Schools around the nation are grasping the new av innovation for the learning background for their very important education. Audio video has transferred from the assembly hall into the classroom. Utilizing av solutions in the classroom improves the content in the learning background for students. Advanced education settings,…

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Reasons to Choose an Outside Conference Room Audio Visual Integration Provider

Using a conference center or hotel’s in-house AV staff and equipment may seem like an efficient, quick solution for a meeting planner. However, by working with an outside Audio Visual Integration company, planners can save money without sacrificing service. Below are the best reasons to hire outsiders for Conference Room Audio Visual Integration. It’s Available…