The Affordability of Luxury Home Automation

Although home automation is a great concept, many people have the impression that being able to control your lights, security, shades, music, and temperature by a touch of their mobile devices is quite an expensive ordeal. It’s a fact though that automating your home has been made quite affordable due to the technological advancements and…


How Interactive Whiteboards Have Escalated Engagement In School

If you’ve had a child in school over the last couple of years, or know of someone that does, you’ve most likely seen the new, state-of-the-art interactive whiteboards. And while the crank in us might regard these as nothing more than another step in the evolution of technology, there’s reason to believe that these whiteboards…

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How To Get Rid of Poor Audio During Conference Calls

Communication technology is a pivotal part of any company’s IT architecture, especially if the business is spread across global regions. Without real-time communication tools, such as video chat and conference calling, it’s impossible for different teams and departments to stay coordinated and organized. Using conference phones during meetings will allow for remote and work-at-home employees…


How Do AV Technicians Approach AV Design For Education?

AV Technicians assess the complete requirements of an audio video system installed in local schools. They review the full requirements for the classrooms individually based on proportion and necessity. They follow specific tests when designing the systems that ensure that the school and teachers alike get the most out of their customized designs. The following…


8 Benefits of Commercial Digital Signage Displays for Bars

While digital signage is a significant investment, the marketing benefits can be substantial. Some advantages, like the fact that marketing messages can frequently be changed, are immediately apparent when it comes to digital signage. The average consumer in 2017 pays more attention to video marketing than any other form. Commercial digital signage increases the digital…


4K OLED Displays From LG Make Video Easily Applicable

LG Electronics USA has released it’s new LG OLED wallpaper Hotel TV. The global electronics producers and technology powerhouse, LG had this to say: The “razor thing” display becomes “one with the wall,” and the 65-inch product (65EV960H) provides the hospitality industry with a television set that offers sleek aesthetics and the best image quality…


What Are The Benefits Of Commercial Audio Video Integration For Video Conferencing?

Companies acquire amazing benefits when they choose the right audio video integrations for their company. These systems provide them with a wealth of features that make daily business more simple. They also provide convenience and ease of use. The following are the benefits of Commercial Audio Video Integration for video conferencing. Eliminating Travel Expenses Altogether…


Engage People with Discover Video Visual Communication

Advanced technology has gone way beyond video conferencing. Just being able to see people from remote locations enhanced meetings and presentations when video conferencing was introduced. It elevated the ordinary conference call into something more productive. Since the majority of communication is conveyed through visual cues, such as body language and facial expressions, contributions to…


Sharp Announces New LCD Displays

Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America (SIICA), a division of Sharp Electronics Corporation, announced October 4, 2016 its next generation of professional grade LCD monitors for its PN-R series. Available in 42”, 49”, and 55” models, the new series is the most technically capable and physically versatile yet. The new PN-R556/R496/R426 LCD monitors won…