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Local schools may need to explore better design opportunities for their classroom collaboration. With more technology-based learning tools, it is vital to acquire the right updates to teach more effectively. Among these options is a more impressive Education AV Design. The following are elements required for choosing the right AV design for the classroom.

Assess the Design of the Room

The layout of the room defines how to set up the classroom audio video design. This layout directs the designer when it comes to a multitude of factors involved in these systems. Among the first of these factors is how the students will look at the screen.

Review How the Students will Look at the Screen

When facing the front of the classroom, the designer must explore how the students will look at the screen. This indicates at what height the screen should be installed for proper viewing. It also defines whether or not the screen is large enough for all students to read the print on each display. The designer considers factors including vision-related issues and distance from the screen when exploring this factor.

Evaluate the Way the Cables Flow

The cables must be installed to prevent possible accidents. They must be hidden within the flooring or walls. This limits any possible risks to students or teachers navigating through the space. They must also reach through great distances if the classroom is larger than average. The designer takes precautions when completing these installations taking all risks into account.

Choosing the Right Position for the Controls

The control system for the SMART Boards must be located centrally inside the classroom. The best position enables the teacher to navigate through the space without causing blind spots for students. This enables them to change the display without hindering the ability for all students to see the screen. The controls must also be placed in a location that doesn’t present hazards such as damage when students are nearby.

Assess Space Saving Opportunities

Among the space saving opportunities through EdTech are retractable screens. They are often installed into the ceiling of the classroom. Models are available that allow the teacher to pull a cord and open the screen as well as using a remote control to engage the screen and lower it into the best position. The controls can be placed inside a cabinet and moved around the classroom. This lowers common risks and enables teachers to move it out of the way when it isn’t in use.

Review How Sound Travels in the Classroom

The designer must also review how sound travels inside the classroom. All students must be able to hear the videos and presentations. If they cannot, adjustments must be made. The designer must test all speakers and their location to achieve maximum benefits.

Local schools that have outdated auto video systems need to acquire a better model. A designer who creates these installations can follow a concept to ensure that the school gets the most out of these products. Schools that want to acquire an Education AV Design contact our team of designers today.

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