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One thing that’s sure to get people excited is the latest and greatest gadgets. Everyone is interested in seeing where the latest advances in computer technology and electronics design will bring next. In fact, the Consumer Electronics Show, or CES 2017, is dedicated to providing a showcase for the latest in computer technology, home electronics, and even the latest in digital display technology. For those interested in seeing the latest and greatest technology tickets are available from many providers. For those who can’t make it, there are other options. There are hundreds of reviews from a variety of sources citing the best and brightest of CES 2017.

There are hundreds of companies competing for attention at this once a year event. These companies bring in their latest advances and products and show them to consumers and industry leaders. Products range from robotics to projectors and everything in between. What usually steals the show at CES 2017 are the latest television sets and digital displays. 4K Displays are really making a splash this year. Displays of this resolution have only been out a few years. Which means there’s lots of room to add features and improve performance. Many producers are offering new models with all the bells and whistles.

The Smart Toaster is one of the more interesting ideas brought to CES 2017. Many might scoff at such an idea, but breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Making the most of an early morning meal might be worth the cost of this ingenious gadget. Users can control their toasting preference with the use of an app installed on their portable device. It might seem silly, but some people are just too picky to settle for mediocre toast.

Fitness Tracking Ring users might be kissing their FitBit goodbye. Instead of having to wear a watch-sized band, users can switch to a ring that slips over their finger. Similar to the FitBit, this little fitness tracker uses an app to store and analyze data collected from the ring itself. Even better than some other trackers, this little ring boasts a battery life of up to five days on a single charge. Not many other fitness trackers can make that kind of claim. Nothing makes staying fit easier than a practical device that’s easy to use and convenient.

Wallpaper TV sets might be replacing some of the larger units available today. Sixty-five and seventy-seven-inch sizes were announced at CES 2017. These sets adhere to the wall with magnets and make it appear as though viewers were watching through a window or an inset screen. This slick design makes it easier to build a home theater in small spaces with compromising the viewing screen size or clarity. Larger sizes are said to be available soon.

The PicoBrew System is looking like a great option for home beer brewer. This self-contained system can prepare five liters of beer in just a few hours. More than thirty types of beer are available and can be crafted by anyone of legal age. This system is self-cleaning and sanitizing, great for those who don’t know a lot about maintaining a home brewing system. Competitors also announced models at CES 2017, to be released sometime in the future. Users can look forward to some competitive pricing before too long.

Bravia TV Sets were among the many models and brands of televisions announced at CES 2017. With so many TV’s being announced it’s hard to stand out, but Sony has definitely done that. These stunningly crisp displays are among the most attractive OLED TV sets announced for the year of two thousand seventeen. It’s edge to edge display means no space is wasted. Every inch of the screen is filled with brilliant 4K video. It also doesn’t have a stand, it sits directly on the surface with two small legs. The most amazing part of this TV is the sound. There are no speakers! The sound comes from the surface of the screen and is called Acoustic Surface. This should be one of the most impressive features included in a television for quite some time.

Snoo Bassinets are a viral product introduced last year. These may look like any other bassinet, but they are so much more. This smart device rocks babies to sleep when they cry and also produces a gentle humming sound that soothes them. The outfit included in the package clips to the inside of the bedding area, making it impossible for the baby to roll over int he night. Among the many products introduced at CES 2017, this is one of the important for parents.

Vuzix Glasses are trying to do what Google glass couldn’t. Instead of attempting to produce an overly ambitious product that appeals to everyone, Vuzix is offering a device that couples with android devices for a more intuitive experience. The left lens is used as a display, whereas the right lens is used as a camera. The interface is rather simple and easy to use. The device is announced at CES 2017 as being available later this year.

There were plenty of amazing devices at CES 2017, too many to cover all at once. As usual, televisions were all the rage. Manufacturers have made some pretty big announcements. Some pretty amazing products are on their way to retailers in the next few months. For the latest news on televisions and displays, consumers can visit the official site of their favorite brands or they can visit the site of their favorite official CES correspondent.

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