Barco Clickshare Wireless Presentation for Your Business

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Wireless Presentation

The Barco Clickshare wireless presentation system is a type of gadget that makes it possible for business professionals to wirelessly and seamlessly present content from a smartphone, tablet, or PC onto a bigger screen. This is done through the use of Barco’s screen mirroring technology. Barco’s Clickshare Wireless Presentation System is ideal for use in various collaborative environments, e.g., huddle spaces, meeting rooms, and conference rooms.

What Is the Barco Clickshare Wireless-Presentation System Used for and Why Should You Get One?

These systems play an integral role when it comes to sharing information among people working on the same project. They make it possible for their users to transmit various types of content (apps, videos, images, docs, and desktop) together with audio from all types of devices to TV’s, video walls, large displays, and projectors. As a result, many users are able to seamlessly exchange, share, and present ideas. The systems can be used with a broad range of applications, e.g.,

  • Enabling unrestricted interaction between various users through the sharing of content on a shared screen.
  • Mirroring or streaming audio and video content from any device onto a projector or bigger screen.
  • Connecting a tablet, smartphone, or desktop PC to a TV wirelessly.

Where Can You Use A Wireless Presentation System?

This particular type of presentation systems allows video/audio collaboration in places such as:


What are the Advantages of Using the Barco Clickshare Wireless Presentation System?

  1. Multi-Platform Devices
    The system is plug-and-play friendly. This means that the system can easily be used with any projector or display device for quick presentation. You can use any device to display the content that you would like to present.
  2. Multi-User Collaboration
    Multiple people are able to access the system at the same time. This helps provide a simple and smooth wireless presentation capability for all those involved. It is a system that is able to provide great interactivity, making it ideal for use in open-forum discussions as well as in conference rooms, regardless of their size.
  3. Long-Range Connectivity (Wireless)
    Unlike wired presentation systems, this type of presentation system is able to cover a very broad signal range. This means that it can even be used in very large rooms, making it possible for those using it to showcase their presentations over distances of up to ninety meters.
  4. Streaming Over Wi-Fi, LAN or Dual Network Modes
    Wireless systems are capable of supporting Wi-Fi (wireless) and LAN (cabled) deployments. This is in addition to supporting dual network modes. For example, company personnel can connect to the systems via the corporate networks as the invited guests connect to it via the wireless network. This can easily be done without compromising the internal corporate network. This kind of connection is very useful, especially when the presentation system has been connected to the corporate network via Ethernet, and the invited guests are asked to join the employees in a collaborative project.
  5. It is Mobile and Compact
    One of the standout features of this system is the fact that it is very slim and compact. This makes it easier to move it from one room to another as it can easily be mounted behind a projector or a display screen.Even though the system will require a cable connection to the power socket, network, and to the display, all those who will be using it will be connected wirelessly. This means that they will be spared from all the unnecessary clutter.
  6. VGA and HDMI Compatible
    Whereas legacy interfaces are still popular in corporate environments, it is always better to choose a presentation system that can offer both digital (DVI or HDMI) and analog (VGA) interfaces. HDMI displays are considered to be the most effective as they can easily match with the source’s definition.


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