October 2012 Newsletter

Juno is the world’s most advanced classroom communication tool, combining the convenience of portable audio products with the sound quality of installed systems—and far exceeding the capabilities of any ordinary sound device with sophisticated voice-controlled lesson capture and sharing feature. The Juno digital sound systems listens as attentively as students do, so teachers can control important functions simply by talking to it. Want more volume? Just say so!

September 2012 Newsletter

For the perfect video conferencing set-up every room needs either a projector a camera and a Tensioned Conference Electrol screen from Da-Lite. The Da-Lite Company is a leader in designing and manufacturing the most comprehensive line of projection screens for over 100 years. They have all sorts of screens from electric to manual wall and ceiling to rear projection. You name the screen, they have it. And if they don’t, they can custom design a screen for your specific needs.

July 2012 Newsletter

Mitsubishi is introducing their new interactive projector to the masses—the WD385U-EST. This interactive projector is one of the first extreme short throw projectors to use a lens instead of mirrors to attain shorter throw distances. You can place the projector only 25 inches off the surface to project an amazing 80” image without distortion and no shadows. Moving the projector further back, you can have a screen up to 180” diagonal. Just like with other interactive projectors, any surface can be turned into an interactive screen—whiteboards, chalkboards, you name it.

CCS New England and Nashua 50 Series!

CCS New England and Nashua 50 Series! Nashua 50 Series Article CCS New England made the front page of the Business section for the Nashua Telegraph as a part of their six-month Nashua 50 series. The Nashua 50 series is an ongoing series highlighting a half-century of business innovation and achievement in Nashua, the economic…