8 Benefits of Commercial Digital Signage Displays for Bars

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While digital signage is a significant investment, the marketing benefits can be substantial. Some advantages, like the fact that marketing messages can frequently be changed, are immediately apparent when it comes to digital signage. The average consumer in 2017 pays more attention to video marketing than any other form. Commercial digital signage increases the digital marketing efforts of any establishment. Below, we’ve listed eight benefits as to why commercial digital signage is great for sports bars and other bar establishments, alike.

Customer Recall Rate Increased Exponentially

Commercial digital signage displays for sports bars have a customer recall rate of approximately 83%, according to a 2015 survey. Due to the versatility of these displays, their messages can be changed often. Offering multiple messages during a customer’s visit can capture more than four times the views of a static display.

Promotions Encourage Spending From Commercial Digital Signage

The digital projectors and marketing displays of today can increase purchase amounts by almost 30%. Commercial digital signage displays encourage customers to make impulse decisions. Once again, a sports bar that uses digital signage will easily see a significant increase in overall volume. When it comes to digital marketing, bar owners are in a special place. They are able to let customers effortlessly know about daily specials and new products.

Retention Level: Maximum

These signs improve the customer’s ability to recall marketing messages; customer retention can increase by more than 30%. Digital signage on the commercial level allows for engaging messages to be shown to patrons. On any level of business, it’s always a pleasure for customers to understand that the business owners care about the customers.

High Level of Satisfaction

Establishments with digital signage report increased customer satisfaction rates. The digital messages can help bar patrons learn more about drinks, specials, and other things that make them feel as though they’re getting a good bang for their buck. These specific forms of digital signage will allow for consumers to have more time before placing a decision. If they’re an undecided customer, digital signage will also make an impact on speeding their decision up a bit.

Brand-New Traffic Generation & Retention

Bars using digital signage will generate increased repeat and first-time traffic. Having a message available to everyone based upon first-sight is a great thing for businesses. They can get a simple message out to anyone that walks by. This isn’t only great for bars and sports bars, it’s perfect for any sort of eatery, or establishment wishing to maintain a personable connection with their clients. This message will include a marketing plea, however, it comes off as soft and warming to new and everyday clients. Brand awareness can lead to much, much more word-of-mouth marketing.

Improved Customer Engagement

In the bar business, the longer a customer stays in your shop, the more money they’ll spend. Increasing customer engagement with your facility is essential to anyone looking to increase revenue. Using digital signage can increase the visit length of your customers by up to 30%.

Eliminate Standby Time For Consumers

When digital displays provide something to read, look at, or become engaged with – they’re labeled distracting. This is a great thing in the restaurant and bar business. If patrons are waiting for a seat at the bar or waiting for their food, digital signs can be used to educate, amuse, or acquire an interest.

Increase Company Morale

Customers aren’t the only ones affected by digital signage. When bars utilize digital signage, it allows for employees to become more productive and engaged in the work environment. It allows bartenders to remember which drinks to promote, and servers with what food they’re promoting. It allows for customers to ask employees for more information about the bar’s products. This is a win-win regarding customer engagement and employee commonplace job knowledge.

Digital advertising isn’t nearly as expensive as it once was. It’s within reach of experienced bar owners. By considering the benefits listed here, owners can make quick, informed decisions that benefit employees, patrons, and themselves. Looking to install a digital sign in your establishment? CCS Mid-Atlantic is a professional commercial digital signage installation company. We specialize in AV design, as well as implementation. Visit our contact page and tell us how we can help your business flourish!

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